Saturday, August 30, 2014

Do Not Forget To Turn On Anonymous Comments In New Blogger Blog

Here's the trick. When you create a new Google Blogger blog, by default only registered users can comment there. That means any reader who wants to comment will have to log in to Google or some other OpenID account first. This option can come quite handy if your blog has become popular and you are attracting a lot of spam comments. This can give you better control and your existing readers who comment regularly would still comment most likely to engage into the ongoing conversations. But as a new Blog owner, you would like to start more conversations with your readers. Some readers will skip commenting when they find out that there is extra step and they have to log in to a profile to comment on your blogspot blog. So think and choose wisely. Here's how you can enable anonymous comments option in Google Blogger:
  • Go to Settings > Posts and Comments
  • Select "Anyone" for "Who can comment?" option and save.
Now your reader will have two extra options, commenting anonymously or just with a name/URL pair. By the way, don't forget to turn on comment moderation if you select this option. By default, comment moderation is turned off. You can do it in the same page as mentioned above.

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