Friday, January 23, 2015

How To Monitor User CPU Utilization And Kernel CPU Utilization Through Windows Task Manager

When you open Task Manager in Windows 7 or some other Windows version, click on Performance tab. That is the place where you monitor CPU and Memory utilization in real time. Today I will just talk about CPU utilization statistics.

So CPU Usage box at top left side bar shows you overall CPU utilization at real time over all the cores. Under CPU Usage History, you will see CPU utilization graph moving along in real time. But that will be separate box for each core. My processor is Intel i7 2 core. But I still get to see four boxes. Why is it like that even when my multi-processor is just dual core? It's because of Intel's SMT technology, where due to hardware multi-threading each physical core behaves like 2 separate cores. So my machine basically have 4 logical processors. And Windows Task Manager shows separate box for each logical core. Now the graph that you see in the box displays the overall CPU utilization for a particular logical processor. You need to figure out User CPU utilization and Kernel CPU utilization separately. Time spent on the application code is basically User CPU utilization. And when application executes kernel code on behalf of the application, that constitutes your Kernel CPU utilization like doing disk I/O or allocating memory.

Click on View > Show Kernel Times. Now you will get a red line graph. That shows your Kernel or System CPU utilization. The portion between green line and red line is basically User CPU utilization.

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