Sunday, April 12, 2015

Use NotePad++ As Offline JSON Viewer

Most of us use online JSON viewers like JSON Lint. But the issue creeps in when you have to parse and view somewhat big text file like 3-4 mb. Then JSON Lint page starts to hang and after some time your whole browser including other tabs goes into not responding mode whether it is Firefox or Google Chrome. At least that is the case that happens in my laptop. online viewer performs a lot better in handling big JSON files than JSON Lint. But I was also looking for an offline JSON viewer. And I found out that NotePad++ has a JSON viewer plugin. I installed it and it handles big files quite well. It will just try to parse the text and show it in tree view. And good thing is, you can keep on browsing when NotePad++ is busy in formatting your JSON. You don't have to worry about web browser crash.

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