Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Find Out How Many CPU Cores You Have In Windows

From command prompt, execute below command:
WMIC CPU Get /Format:List

Then check for NumberOfCores value. That will give total number of physical CPU cores that you have in you machine. And look for NumberOfLogicalProcessors value too. If Hyper-Threading is enabled, you will get double of total number of physical cores.
You can also go to Task Manager and check CPU Usage History under Performance tab. But the number of boxes there basically represents all the logical processors in your machine. My Windows laptop is dual core with Hyper-Threading enabled. So I will get four boxes there. But that doesn't represent the total number of physical CPU cores that I have which is 2. And there is no way to differentiate logical processors and physical cores there.

So it's better to use the above command. That will clearly display total number of physical cores and logical processors on a single screen.

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