Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why You Do Not Need IDM To Download Online

It's not like I hate Internet Download Manager. In my college days, I used to use it a lot for download acceleration and resume support for my slow internet connection. It was quite fast and reliable. Only glitch it seemed to have was that download would still go on indefinitely few times even after 100% was done. I don't know what was the exact issue that caused it. Anyways, I am pretty sure if there was any issue they would have fixed it by now as I last used it several years back.

So that's my point. Why haven't I used such a popular software like IDM? Reason is simple. I didn't need it as I have had a equally good free alternative for my download purpose. Nowadays I would mostly use direct browser download using Chrome or Firefox browser. And when I still feel a need for some acceleration or resume support, I will go with Free Download Manager. It's a popular open source software. And it does its job quite well. So unless you don't want something specific, then for your general purpose online downloads I don't see any point in buying paid license for IDM. Try out Free Download Manager first and check its feature list. Most likely you will find it good enough.

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