Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A List Of Websites To Download Youtube Video Subtitles

If you want to download subtitles from Youtube videos, there are some software available. I tried Google2SRT. But when I installed it, it installed some additional software that changed my browser homepage and search settings. It happened for all the browsers including Firefox and Google Chrome. I didn't like it and uninstalled and cleaned up all these software.
And I went for second option. Use websites where you can download Youtube video subs online without installing any software in your computer. Below I have mentioned three such websites where you can download Youtube video subtitles for free. All of them are currently working. So if any of them is down for some reason at a particular time, you can always use the other alternatives.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Google Chrome Update Now (Quick Search) Malware Fix

Recently whenever I tried to open any normal http website in my Google Chrome browser, I kept on getting a redirection showing message that Chrome needed to be updated:
Google Chrome browser has critical security update. Auto update is disabled, you need manually perform update browser.

You need to perform the update in order to continue your web navigation.
Google Chrome Update Now (Quick Search)
But Google Chrome was already updated to the latest version. This looked liked a malware. I tried uninstalling Chrome and then again installing from scratch. I also tried running some malware/spyware removal tools. But still Chrome was having same issue. Now today I just again did a complete reinstall & also ran Google Software Removal Tool. This tool checks for any unwanted program that might have affected your Google Chrome browser and resets the settings. After that now my Chrome is working fine. If you think Google Chrome is behaving weirdly for some reason, you can download and run this software to see if it can fix it.